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Dear HR-manager, recruiter or visitor,

Finding people with the skills matching the job is not an easy task and for this reason today is your lucky day. You found a no-nonsense technical project manager in the field of telecommunications and IT technology. You have landed on the right place.

There is a good chance that I can offer what you are looking for. What to think of my experiences, interest and endurance in the field of Communication and Information technology and the field of electronic engineering (SW and HW).

To make things easy for you I have compressed the most important characteristics of me in a summary, if you are interested I suggest reading the rest of this E-CV. Lets start with a short summary:

Language skills
Date of birth
Education level
Expertise level
Track record
Oscar Goos.
Dutch, (European passport available).
Dutch, English, German, Spanish.
11- December – 1962.
Bachelor of Engineering & ICT.
Specialist in the field of IT and telecommunications.
Project and Test management, Training, Development, Network operation and Implementation.
10 years fixed, 13 years contracting at and within various projects and companies.
Smart Grid, MEF Ethernet, SDH, DWDM, CWDM, RFP, RFI, Test management, System design, Network architecture, problem analysis, ITIL, EMS/NMS. Basic website engineering. Lawful intercept. Wikipedia, WordPress, C-programming and Hardware system engineering.


Complete CV in PDF/DOC format can be uploaded here PDF link 2 CV, and here DOC link 2 CV
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