DK102 personal and car protection using GPS Satellite

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SOS Panic button & GPS tracer

The DK-102 Mini GPS Tracker is a solid and accurate GPS tracker used for protection of persons and or objects like cars. It’s one of the few trackers that rely on sending text message alerts with time-stamped longitudinal coordinates. It’s well priced and very easy to use, compared to some of the other products in the market.

After calling the tracker from your mobile phone, you will receive a time-and-date stamped SMS text message from the DK-102 Mini GPS Tracker with it’s coordinates, in longitude and latitude. If you have a web-connected smartphone you can click on the coordinates and a Google map will open so you can see the location of your tracker. If you don’t have a smartphone, you will need to type the coordinates into a mapping software app, such as Google Earth, to see where your child, teen drive, Car or pet is.
The DK-102 Mini GPS Tracker is very simple to use. The tracker uses a Mobile (prepaid) sim card to communicate. Once you have inserted the card and it is activated by your mobile operator you are ready to go

DK102-2 Fig 1 :Panic button and GPS tracer.

GPS Tracer and more.

This device can be used to track your car child or any thing that is valuable to you.  Ones the SMS message is received at your phone you simply  select the message and google maps opens and shows your were your tracer is. The tracer can do more than only show your locations. Other information in the text message from this GPS tracker includes the speed of the device, so you can monitor and keep a log of how fast your teen is driving in the car. It also informs you of how much battery life is left as well as the tracker’s current signal strength.

Function of the Tracker/Panic button

The tracer can be used for a) personal protection of you or your child and b) and object like a car. The functions of this small portable device are:

Personal protection:

  • Panic button which alarms your selected telephone numbers
  • Listen in at the location were you are.
  • See were you are, geographic information used by google maps.
  • Time and date of the location.
  • Configuration of 5 trusted telephone numbers to be called.

Object protection, for example a car:

  • See were your car is, using google maps.
  • Detect the movement of your car
  • Over speed of your car
  • Calculate your mileage distance
  • Detection of shock.
DK102-2 Fig 2 :Google maps at mobile.

SOS panic button.

The SOS button at this tracker functions as a panic button. Ones this button is pressed for 3 seconds, it will send a SOS message with coordinate to all authorized number every 3 mintues, until a SMS “help me!” is replied to the tracker. So it keeps on calling till the message help me is send back.

DK102-2 Fig 3 :Panic button on the Tracer