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  • High Voltage circuit analysis

    Living in Mexico is different form living in the Netherlands. For example in the Netherlands it is not allowed to protect your home with High voltage fences. In Mexico on the other hand this is allowed. The protection products they have here are pretty old fashioned, simply said a High voltage coil and a current interrupter is all they have. This made me think of making a smart High Voltage (HV) generator which can adapt its voltage to the circumstances.

    The idea is to have a relative low voltage when the fence is touched but increase the voltage when contact continues. With a low start voltage the person has time to release the fence without have the experience of 15.000 Volts. If contact continues voltages are increased till painful levels. Interrupting these painful High voltages for say 10 seconds gives a person a chance to disconnect from the fence. In this way high voltages can be applied in way that some one has the change to release the fence without being fried and remembering this forever ๐Ÿ™‚

    Two functions are needed to make implementation of a system like this possible

    1. A HV generator which can produce different voltages
    2. A impedance indicator which check on changes of impedance

    I developed a wiki to explain how the HV generator could be implemented based on the use of an Arduino controller. The generator is simulated in multisim 11.0 and the simulation results are used within this wiki. I’m still looking for a smart way to measure impedance in a circuit that produces high voltage peaks. The impedance needs to be measured by and arduino controller. If you have ideas let me know. Have fun with this article and let me know if you have comments or questions.

    En version โ€ฆ…….: High Voltage circuit analysis(EN)
    Google Translation.: High Voltage circuit analysis (NL)