Early version of Arduino 1992

For a future Arduino museum:

This is one of the earliest developed arduinos dated 1992 based on a 8032 Micro controller. At that time the credit card controller was new and very expensive. I had gold in my hands but didn’t realize it.  Almost 20 years later an Italian engineer did recognize it and developed the first Arduino.  I want to say thanks to him and the Chinese production industry to allow me and many others work with this new type of LEGO. The LEGO of today keeps many engineers busy being creative and constructive doing the inventions of the future.

Unfortunately for me I never recognized the potential of my design back in 1992. Call it stupid if you want, but it made me continue with inventing, designing and making.

It had the following functions:

  • – Language used “C”, compiled with a Keil C compiler
  • – A boot loader loading the same hex files as today.
  • – 32K RAM data +program memory, 8K boot ROM,
  • – A Power LED
  • – RS232, Serial upload port
  • – A shield interface 8 x IO ports,
  • – Size Credit Card.
  • – PCB home made

Later I decided to do it all over again but now better Goosduino 2.0. It is basically a PLC (Programmable  Logic Controller) with all interfaces integrated in one system. The enclosure is DIN rail base and easy to integrate in to existing DIN rail cabinets.

The PLC has many functions and doesn’t need a shield. It’s for sale now.

Availability Fig 1 : 1992, one of the first Credit Card Controllers
Availability Fig 2 : 2015, An upgrade of and old idea.