What I am: A professional self driven technical manager with organizational and technological knowledge in the field of IT and Telecommunication industry. Has gained his knowledge and experience at multiple fixed and freelance contracts.

Looking for: A challenging hands-on telecommunication/IT function that requires Telecom/IT skills. Has good social skills, successfully in getting things done and is not afraid to learn about new technologies and systems.

Contract Type: Prefers to work based on freelance international contracts. Traveling is not a problem. Can and has the discipline work from a remote location or home.

Interested in contacting: Recruiting agencies for full FTE contracts of 3 months or more. Companies can contact for full and part FTE contracts with no time limit.

History: various functions starting with sw/hw system design engineer followed by product trainer and project coordinator/manager. Worked for various companies like Lucent Technologies NL/SA, UPC, Telfort, Telecom Italia, KPN, Siemens, BBned, Colt-Telecom, Alliander NV.

Skills and Qualities: Self starter, Understand work context and interest, no 8..5 mentality, humorist, Not afraid to try new things, Does what he says. Speaks various languages En, NL, De, Es.

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