Smart electricity meter for Mexican homes

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E-Meter front face Fig 1 : The meter as it is.
E-Meter side face Fig 2 : The meter from a side.
The total package Fig 3 : The package


If you need to know how much electricity you use or how stable your electricity network is this meter is the solution. With this smart meter you have no more questions about what and how much electricity you use.

This meter is smart because it tells you four things all at ones for the price of one. It tells you your:

  • Electricity use (KWh).
  • Electric Power(W).
  • Voltage(V).
  • Current(A).

Made by HOLaMEX and “Culumus de Ideas”.

This product is developed in cooperation with HolaMex and Cumulus. Holamex is a Dutch-Mexican company specialized in smart energy solutions for homes and industry. Cumulus is a graphic design buro located in Queretaro (El Pueblito) and is responsible for product styling.

Both companies have put hands together and developed a product which gives people in Mexico more control over their electricity spending’s. This makes it a win win for everybody.

What you get and what it Costs.

This meter is for sale in limited volumes for the price of $750 mexican pesos.
for this price you get :

  • The meter
  • An installation and user manual.
  • Installation materials.

No extra materials are needed to install other than a drill and a screwdriver. Everything is packed in a strong carton box.

How to order.

This meter is available in limited volumes. You can order it by sending an email to: using your email program outlook or something else or by activating the “comment” button at the top of this page and send a request with the message to buy a meter.