Three phase electricity meter

front side of de meter
Fig 1: Three phase electricity monitor
back side of the meter
Fig 2: Back side of the meter
Meter back side
Fig 3: Back side of the meter
Front side of de meterFig 4: Front side of de meter


Electricity meters exist in various types and sizes. This meter in particular is a three phase monitor intended to measure various electrical parameters on three phases simultaneously. This meter is for industrial use as wel for houses which have a three phase electricity network.
This outstanding three phase electricity monitor has a large display, programmable parameters for alarm levels, Current transformer ratios, Voltage ratios and much more.


This meter is useful for any one connected to the electricity grid who want to know more about their electricity consumption and quality of electricity. The meter can al be used for system installer who want to upgrade their products with extra information regarding electricity consumption. Some examples of applications are:

  • Three phase Motors
  • Air Conditioning installations
  • factory plants
  • Hotels
  • Shops


We offer the following services:

  • Sales of power meters
  • Installation and integration of power meters
  • Instrument panels with meters, switches, fuses, and outlets
  • Software development for specific power meter functions.
  • Presentation and demonstration of digital meters in general

How to order

This meter is available. You can order it by activating the following email address link, fill in the form and send this email to: , the form is all predefined. You can also order by activating the “comment” button at the top of this page and send a request with the message that you want to buy this meter and fill in the contact details field.

Costs of the meter

Service Price
1 Standard meter $1690,-
3 Current transformers 3x $750,-
3 Voltage transformers 3x $ Quote,-
3 Installation work $1200,-
3 Non standard meter solution $ Quote,-