Work history

Product development. (consultancy)
Holaztec: Aug 2014 ongoing, developer

Responsibilities / Activities
– Development electricity grid energy monitor.
– Backup systems, standby, line interactive UPS.
– System engineering solar energy systems.
– Development of a general purpose PLC.
– Energy demand analysis.

Electronic engineering test and software development for Grid monitor and PLC. Implementation of line interactive / standby backup system for SOHO market. Use of ATS auto transfer switches. Use of 4 channel MPPT Grid tied inverts for solar.
Technical snapshot: Step up/down SMPS technology, lead acid and LiON and LiFePo4 storage batteries, CC CV and three phase charge controllers. MPPT charge controllers


Specialist Test and Migration Management (consult.).
Alliander : August 2012 – August 2014 Amsterdam / Alkmaar / Arnhem

Responsibilities / Activities
– European bid and proposal engineer (RFI / RFP, 120 Mil Euro proj.)
– Evaluation and acceptance of DCDC power and backup systems.
– Handover NAT tested network infrastructure telecom and power installation.
– Evaluation of network architecture and RFP specifications.
– Test specifications (FAT/SAT/NAT) smart grid telecom backbone.
– Evaluation and Acceptance testing of ECI EMS/NMS cWDM and SDH networks
– Migration Management of Telemetry between old and new smart grid network.
– Test management time / resource Planning.
– Training first and second line engineers on technical know how and operational processes

Development Implementation and execution of  RFP requirements into FAT SAT and NAT test programs for accepting ECI BG30 and BG64 EMS/NMS systems. Advice /support to network service migration teams. Advice and support to network management project and teams. Setup network administration/inventory for Asset management.


Support engineering for various networks (consult.)
Holaztec S.A de C.V : August 2009 – October 2012 (3 years 3 months)

– Implementation of Voip Telephony
– Maintenance of web servers and TCP/IP network
– Installation of client software
– Web servers and web based applications (word press)
– Product development
– Remote file access over internet
– Backup

Ongoing Network maintenance / Projects for various Companies ( Actipromex, Sinerpol, Daleduro ..)
Activities: Implementation of Voip Telephony, Maintenance of web servers and TCP/IP networks, Installation of client software, web servers and web based applications (word press), product development, remote file access over internet, backups.


Support engineer IT (consult)
Banco Santander : December 2010 – November 2011 (1 year)

– Desk top and LAN installation and configuration
– Training and Courses
– User administration
– Helpdesk, 1,2 line maintenance
– Software Release management
– Monitoring error logs

Knowledge transfer/training, improvement of stability of LAN network. Up to date software on clients and servers., installation of windows 7 client stations and software. Improvement of security by accurate user admin


Support engineer Network maintenance / Projects (consultancy)
Grupo tress int : August 2009 – September 2010 (1 year 2 months)

– Training
– Software installation client-server software.
– Trouble shooting client applications, TCP/IP/Wifi networks
– User administration.
– Project support.

Training, Software installation client-server software, Trouble shooting client applications, TCP/IP/Wifi networks, user administration, project support.


Project Manager network implementation (consultancy)
UPC : May 2008 – September 2008 (5 months)

– Implementation and integration of Nortel SDH/DWDM,
– Resource, time and acceptance planning.
– Technical evaluation of the project
– Traffic migration between SDH infrastructures

Project Manager UPC Nortel infrastructure. Several parts of the UPC networks is phased out and new Nortel equipment is rolled in. Scope of this project is Design Installation Traffic migration and Handover activities


Project manager Telephony (consult)
BBned NV : January 2007 – July 2007 (7 months)Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

– Implementation and integration of Lawfull intercept between BBned and KLPD
– Capacity planning for Telephony services
– Implementation of work processes for Telephony OA&M
– Cleanup of Billing and Number management databases
– Capacity expansions between BBned Italtel switch and BT ,KPN and BBeyon

Implementation of LIMA Group2000 Lawful interception system between BBNed and Dutch KLPD.
Clean-up of the CDR Billing database which was conflicting with the Billing process.


VoIP Service management for Siemens-KPN VoIP network (consult)
Siemens CIS Denhaag : Sept 2005 tot Jan 2007

– ITILL based Incident and problem management
– Acceptance and handover programs for KPN VoIP networks
– Software release management For HiQ, HiE, HiG, IPUnity, TSM and AM
– Interface between Siemens TAC2 and TAC3 service organizations ( TAC=Technical – Assistance Centre level 2,3)
– Development and execution of OA&M processes and procedures
– Investigation of VoIP related network problems.
– Incident and problem management for VoIP networks
– Interface between KPN and Siemens for 24×7 Problem management

Resolution of identified VoIP problems, Network hand over,Implemented FM resolution process, Member of TAC2 team to manage the KPN VoIP network, Manage and solve VoIP network outages, solved a technical design bug on the Activation Manager


Manager Teford SDH NOC (consult)
Lucent Technologies : June 1999 – June 2000 (1 year 1 month)

– 24×7 Fault management of SDH, ATM, Internet access network and numerous 5ESS switches.
– Recruiting staff for SDH/DWDM Network operation center
– PKI reporting regarding networks
– Test and acceptance of network expansions.
– Developing NOC operations and procedures specific for performance and fault management, Acceptance of new nodes, Planned work procedures
– Development of circuit delivery processes.

Setup of SDH NOC for lucent technologies as part of a contract with Telford. Work required selection and training of personnel including acceptance of the network.


Project manager SDH Central region (Expat)
Lucent Technologies, Saudi Arabia : January 1998 – November 1999 (1 year 11 months)

– Expatriated from the Netherlands to Saudi Arabia to support Lucent Technologies with their TEP6/GSM project
– Implementation of the SDH/DWDM/GSM Long Distance network for the Saudi central region
– Managing and coordinating testing and trouble shooting the transmission systems
– Coordinating the test and network acceptance programs.
– Planning of order and delivery of materials
– Project progress reporting to management based on global project management methodology
– Training Customer, Saudi military and local employees in the field of telecommunications

Coordination and Implementation of the SDH transport network for the Saudi Arabian central region. Test and hand over of the sites being build. Problem resolution during network implementation.


Trainer transmission technology (Expat)
Lucent Technologies Saudi Arabia : June 1995 – November 1997 (2 years 6 months)

– Training Customer, Saudi military and local employees in the field of telecommunication Technology
– Development of training plans and materials
– Support network implementation with training new employees
– Presentations for Saudi telecom

Training Saudi engineers in the field of Telecom Transmission standards, PDH, SDH and DWDM and specific Lucent element management GUI product training for Low and high order SDH mux systems.


System design engineers at AT&T-Philips-telecom design Lab
Lucent Technologies : June 1989 – June 1995 (6 years 1 month)Huizen, Netherlands

– Developing ATM systems and Video On Demand (VOD) network elements
– Designing, testing and implementing NE Hardware
– Developing partnership relations with design groups in the USA
– Developed a working model of a VOD broadcast system based on ADSL video distribution and demonstrated its functionality in Bell Labs (USA)
– Developed a working ATM based 2Mbit circuit emulation terminal as part of a Compass trial

System designer for future telecom standards: Responsable for the design test and acceptance of two telecommunications systems part of a international cooperation between AT&T-US and AT&T-Philips-Telecomunications (APT).

System 1: PDH-ATM cell multiplexer and demultiplexer using Xilinx FPGA’s and Motorola Controller Technologies.
System 2: An audio and video set top box(STB) which decoded ATM mapped Video over ADSL back to NTSC/Pal based Video. Hardware and software were designed for this project. Used technology C-cupe and Motorola processors.